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Business Cloud Phone Systems

NEC Business Cloud BrochureHooper Communications is a leading provider of Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems for organizations of all sizes. As an NEC Diamond Partner, Hooper Communications is ready to put it’s 33 years of telecommunications experience to work for you in delivering a cloud-based PBX or multi-line business phone system that uses the latest unified communication (UC) technology from industry leader NEC.

In addition, Hooper Communications has a team of business telecommunication experts standing by to provide the highest level of support and service that are dedicated to making sure your experience is trouble-free long after any business phone system is installed.

What is a Hosted Cloud-Based Business Phone System?

A growing trend in the business world today is to leverage the use of “The Cloud” to cost-effectively replace traditional IT infrastructure. Cloud services are often less expensive, off-site, and scalable solutions that leverage the ability of high-speed internet to allow remote services to act as if they were in-house without the costly expense of locally owned hardware.

It’s no surprise that telephone systems have many cloud-based solutions available to business owners that offer an alternative to traditional on-premise equipment.

Other synonymous for cloud-based phone systems include “internet-based phone system”, “Cloud-based Unified Communications” or more commonly “VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol). Each of these phrases refers to a group of telephones that work together, typically in a business setting, to route calls to user’s handsets or extensions using an internet connection and remotely located hardware.

A cloud-based business phone system doesn’t rely on traditional on-premise hardware or costly maintenance. Typically businesses can see a savings of 40-80% off their monthly phone bill.

While a cloud-based phone system’s main jobs are to deliver phone calls through the internet, there are also many features like routing inbound calls to specific extensions within the organization, voice mail, call recording, softphones and many of the other features found in traditional PBX type systems.

Is a Cloud-Based Business Telephone System Right For You?

There are many choices for businesses owners to consider when it comes to picking the right phone system. There are no one size fits all solutions available to all companies looking for the right phone system.

When trying to determine the right solution, each business must look at many variables, including but not limited to:

  • Budget
  • Number of users
  • Physical Space
  • Wiring
  • Scalability
  • Support Options

Hooper Communications has the experience and know how to walk you through the process of determining what system will be perfect for your organization’s specific needs.
To speak with a business phone system expert and evaluate the options available to you, please contact Hooper Communications at (713) 983-2121

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